Inhaler training

The reports show that around 85% people make mistakes in inhalation technique. It can cause the treatment to be less effective and increase the intake of the medicine over the suggested borders. If the patients use multiple inhalers, the risk of mistake and mixing up is even higher.

Because of all this, it is necessary to take inhaler training. This way you will learn to use your inhalers properly and make the most out of them.


Asthma medications

MDI Actuators

MDI actuators are among the most frequent inhalers for asthma. In our shop you can find a wide range of these inhalers, both for adults and children.

Dry Powder Inhalers

Other than liquid, some asthma medications come in a form of dry powder. We offer various dry powder inhalers in our shop, suitable for different doses of medication.


Sometimes it is best to take asthma medications through nebulizers, especially for children. In our shop you can find a great choice of nebulizers and silicone rubber masks to go along.

There is a wide variety of asthma medications. It depends on your age, symptoms the type and severity of your asthma which ones your doctor will prescribe.

Asthma medications are mainly used by inhalation. There are long-term medications, as well as quick-relief ones, which you should use to prevent a severe attack. There are also special inhalers for allergic asthma. No matter which inhaler you need, we have it in our offer.


Dose Counters

Dose counters are advanced MDI actuators. They count the doses of the medicine you take and inform you how many doses you have left. We offer various dose counters so you will always have a reminder to buy a new dose of medicine.

Nasal Actuators

Some asthma and allergy medications are taken by nasal spray. We have in our offer a wide range of nasal actuators to help you take the medicine properly and efficiently.

Silicone masks

Other than inhalers and nebulizers, we also have a wide range of silicone rubber masks. You can use them for oxygen therapy, nebulizers and respiratory exercisers.

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